The Watsonville Community Band has an impressive collection of CDs and tapes,
covering the many concerts and performances over the years.

48th Annual Spring ConcertPrice: $8
Recorded at the Mello Center, March 1996. Conducted by Gonzalo Viales.
Includes: Them Basses, Elephant and the Fly, Broadway One-Step, In Praise of Freedom.
Live at the White House Price: $8
July 4th concert for President Bill Clinton,1996. Conducted by Gonzalo Viales.
Melody Shop Price: $8
Recorded at Mello Center April 2006 - Eugene Smith, Conductor.
Includes: Liberty Bell March, Irish Tune from Country Derry, Marriage of Figaro Overture.
Second to None Price: $8
Recorded at Sherwood Hall April 2007 - Eugene Smith, Conductor.
Includes: Poet and the Peasant Overture, Benny Goodman King of Swing, The genius of Ray Charles.
Hands Across the Sea Price: $8
Recorded at Sherwood Hall April 2008 - Eugene Smith, Conductor.
Includes; Loch Lomond, Light Cavalry Overture, Barbara Streisand Medley.
Second to None Price: $8
Recorded at Sherwood Hall April 2009 - Eugene Smith, Conductor.
Includes; Nimrod, Espana Cani, Songs of Heritage, The Homefront (Musical Memories of WWII), Battle Hymn of the Republic.
SilveradoPrice: $8
recorded at Veterans Hall, Hollister April 2010 - Eugene Smith, Conductor.
Includes: Children of the Regiment March, American Overture, Silverado, American Folk Rhapsody.
Americans WePrice: $8
recorded at Veterans Hall, Hollister April 2011 - Eugene Smith, Conductor.
Includes: Caravan, English Folk Song Suite, American Red Cross March, Phantom of the Opera.
My Favorite ThingsPrice: $8
recorded at Civic Santa Cruz & Veterans Hall Hollister April 2012 - Eugene Smith, Conductor.
Includes: Bravura March, Shenandoah, First Suite in Eb for Military Band, Italian Polka.
65th SpringConcertPrice: $8
recorded April 2013 - Brad Gronroos, Conductor.
Includes: Boys of the Old Brigade March, A Festive Overture, Procession of the Nobles.
Around the World - SpringConcertPrice: $8
recorded in Watsonville and Hollister April 2017 - Brad Gronroos, Conductor.
Includes: Italian Holiday, Les Misérables, Irish Washerwoman.
70th SpringConcertPrice: $8
recorded in Watsonville and Santa Cruz May 2018 - Brad Gronroos, Conductor.
Includes: The Klaxon March, Russian Sailor’s Dance, El Arco de Los Cabos.
71st SpringConcertPrice: $8
recorded May 2019 - Brad Gronroos, Conductor.
Includes: Washington Greys March, Barber of Seville, Fantasy on English Hunting Songs.

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